Best Pickleball Paddle for Shoulder Pain

5 Best Pickleball Paddle For Shoulder Pain

Relieve your shoulder pain and dominate the game with the best pickleball paddle designed specifically for you.  If you’re someone who experiences shoulder discomfort or injury while playing pickleball, this paddle is your ideal solution.

Based on our personal experience, we strongly recommend JoncAye Pickleball-Paddles. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your pickleball game to its fullest potential. With these paddles, you’ll gain control, confidence, and the ability to reach new heights on the court. Take charge, play with assurance, and become the pickleball player you’ve always aspired to be.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best pickleball paddles for shoulder pain. These paddles are designed to reduce stress on your shoulder, allowing you to play longer and more comfortably. 

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, keep reading to find out which paddles made our list!

How to choose a Pickleball Paddle for shoulder pain

When it comes to choosing the best pickleball paddle for shoulder pain, there are a few key factors to consider. 

  • You’ll want to look for a paddle that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Heavy paddles can put undue strain on your shoulders, exacerbating any existing pain or discomfort.
  • An important consideration is the grip size of the paddle. A grip that is too small can cause your hand and wrist muscles to overcompensate, leading to additional strain on your shoulders. 
  • On the other hand, a grip that is too large may be difficult for you to hold comfortably.
  • In addition to weight and grip size, it’s also worth considering the material of the paddle face. Some players find that composite paddles are easier on their joints than graphite or aluminum options.

    Finding the right pickleball paddle will depend on your individual needs and preferences as well as any specific concerns related to shoulder pain or injury. It’s always a good idea to try out different options before making a purchase in order determine what feels most comfortable and effective for you in terms of both performance and injury prevention.

Our Top Picks – 5 Best Pickleball Paddle For Shoulder Pain

  1. JoncAye Less Stress Pickleball-Paddles
  2. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle for Shoulder Pain
  3. XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles Sets
  4. Aieoposo Pickleball Paddles for Joint Pain
  5. DULCE DOM Pickleball Paddles

1- JoncAye Less Stress Pickleball-Paddles 

JoncAye Less Stress Pickleball Paddles are designed with the player’s comfort in mind. This paddle features a unique honeycomb polymer core that helps reduce vibration and shock, which can cause shoulder pain. The paddle also has a lightweight design, making it easier to swing for longer periods without experiencing fatigue. JoncAye Less Stress Pickleball-Paddles are an excellent choice for players who suffer from shoulder pain while playing pickleball. With their innovative design and quality construction, they offer both comfort and longevity on the court.

Padded Grip

One of the standout features of this paddle is its grip. The handle is cushioned to provide a comfortable hold and prevent slippage during gameplay. Additionally, the handle shape promotes proper wrist alignment, reducing stress on your shoulder joint.


Another benefit of JoncAye paddles is their durable construction. Made with high-quality materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass, these paddles are built to last through many games without losing performance or durability.

Complete Set

Includes 2 graphite pickleball paddles, 4 pickleballs, a ball bag, additional over-grips, and a carry bag.

Lightweight and Low Noise

Paddles are light in weight, reducing wrist and shoulder stress, and producing minimal noise during play.

Edge Guard Protection

The paddles have an edge guard for enhanced durability and prolonged use, protecting them from potential damage during gameplay.

Comfortable Grip

Features anti-slip, sweat-absorbent soft handgrips for a comfortable and precise grip.


  • Suitable for all
  • Premium graphite carbon fiber
  • better ball control


  • Inaccurate color

Customer Reviews

  •  Zsuzsana Morse:Good quality paddle for the price, These are very well-made paddles that are significantly lighter than our previous ones. We have had less wrist pain using these because of the decrease in weight. The paddles have a wide sweet-spot and a good feel when the ball his hit. The bag included in the set is of good quality, as are the indoor and outdoor balls. Very good purchase for the price.”

2- Niupipo Pickleball Paddle for Shoulder Pain

The Niupipo Pickleball Paddle is one of the best options for those suffering from shoulder pain. This paddle’s design helps to absorb shock and prevent vibrations, reducing the strain on your arm and shoulder muscles. Not only does this pickleball paddle offer great performance benefits for players dealing with shoulder pain, but its sleek black design adds a touch of style to any game setting. The Niupipo Pickleball Paddle is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an effective way to alleviate discomfort while playing pickleball.

Ergonomic handle

One unique feature of this pickleball paddle is its ergonomic handle design which reduces grip fatigue and provides a comfortable grip even during intense games. The handle’s cushioning also absorbs sweat, providing you with a firm grasp no matter how sweaty your hands get.

Carbon Fiber Surface

Made with high-quality materials, this paddle has a carbon fiber surface that provides excellent control and precision during gameplay. Its honeycomb core technology also makes it lightweight yet durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Internal Honeycomb Core

The paddle’s design provides stability and strength, resulting in improved performance during gameplay. Moreover, the reduced weight enhances maneuverability and ease of use.

Great Control

The lighter weight of the paddle reduces strain on wrists and shoulders, allowing for longer and more comfortable gameplay. 

Protective Cover 

Includes a zippered neoprene cover for protection and convenient transport.


  • USAPA-approved for competitive play
  • Durable fiberglass 
  • Reduced noise
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to carry


  • Only good for beginners

Customer Reviews

  • Jay:Love this racquet,This is a great racquet, and absolutely love the color and design. Seems to be easier on my arm & shoulder (have been a tennis player all my life and ended up with a shoulder issue) that the loaner, beginner PB racquet I was using. Great value! and the extra bonus was that it comes with a cover to keep the paddle from getting scratched during transit. Was nicely boxed and received FAST! Thanks Niupipo.
  • LUCECITA SANTIAGO: “ Perfect for the sport, To play pickleball, this paddle exceeds my expectations as I have rheumatoid arthritis and the light weight has helped me to play the game and feel no pain at all on my hands. Best product for people with arthritis that still want to keep active.”

3- XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles Sets

XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles Sets are designed to provide comfort and ease to those who suffer from shoulder pain. The set includes two paddles, four balls, and a carrying bag for easy transportation. These paddles come in different colors so players can choose one according to their taste and personality! These paddles sets are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable playing experience without sacrificing performance quality!

Light weight

One of the main features of XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles is its lightweight design. With only 7.8 ounces in weight, these paddles are easy on the shoulders and arms during gameplay.

Cushioned grip

The paddle’s grip size is another feature that contributes to comfortable play. The handle has an 

ergonomic design with a cushioned grip that reduces strain on the hand muscles while playing.

Complete Set with Bag

Includes 2 paddles, 2 indoor balls, 2 outdoor balls, and a portable bag for easy storage and transport.

Polymer Honeycomb Core

Provides strength, optimal performance, and durability for prolonged use.

Superior Edge Guard

Offers protection against court damage while reducing mishits.


  • Graphite face 
  • Better control
  • Durable
  • Anti slip grip


  • Edge quality is no so good

Customer Review

  • Eric Bethard: “ Great price on a quality starter set! The paddles are really nicer than the heavy wooden paddles that you often see for beginners. Your arms ache, your wrists hurt…seriously, pickleball should be fun, not a painful workout.”

4- Aieoposo Pickleball Paddles for Joint Pain

Looking for a pickleball paddle that can help ease your shoulder pain? The Aieoposo Pickleball Paddles might just be the perfect solution for you. This set of paddles is designed to provide maximum comfort and reduce stress on your shoulders, making it an excellent choice for players who suffer from shoulder issues. 

Light weight

One of the most notable features of these paddles is their lightweight construction. Weighing in at only 7.8 ounces, they are easy to maneuver and won’t put undue strain on your arms and shoulders during gameplay.

High-Quality Construction 

The graphite carbon fiber surface of the paddle provides excellent control over shots, while the honeycomb polypropylene core offers optimal performance and responsiveness, ensuring a superior playing experience.

Beginner to Intermediate Level

With its high-quality construction and thoughtful design, it offers the ideal equipment for players seeking improvement and better gameplay.

Extended Paddle Life

Paddle covers help protect the paddle surface from dirt, dents, and moisture, preserving its spin and accuracy.


  • Increased ball control
  • Comfortable grip
  • Better maneuverability 
  • Less stress on elbow
  • Complete set with paddle covers and wristbands


  • Reduced Power
  • Stronger swing needed Less control, slower swing.
  • Harder to hit long/hard shots Increases fatigue if playing for a long time.

Customer Review

  • GaS Ginsters:  “Paddle that fits your style and level of play. A larger grip will help increase your stroke stability while easing the strain on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. The caveat here is that using a paddle handle that is much too large for your hand can lead to elbow strain.”

5- DULCE DOM Pickleball Paddles

DULCE DOM Pickleball Paddles is another great option for players experiencing shoulder pain. These paddles are designed to help reduce the impact on your joints and muscles, making it easier to play without experiencing pain or discomfort. Give them a try if you’re looking for a high-quality paddle that won’t exacerbate any existing joint or muscle issues.

Great Value Set

This set includes 4 durable paddles, 2 indoor and 2 outdoor high-performing pickleballs, and a bag, ideal for beginners and professionals, encouraging fun and interaction with loved ones.

Optimal Weighted Paddles

Each paddle is optimally weighted for a perfect balance of swing speed and power.

Premium Comfort Grip

The shock-absorbing grip features soft material and sweat-wicking ventilation holes, reducing slippage and impact for a more comfortable and imaginative pickleball game.

Enjoyable Sports Fun

Suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, perfect for home entertainment, schools, and sports clubs.

Multiple Choices

Available in different sports colors and patterns, making it an ideal gift for parents, children, or friends.


  • High-quality material 
  • Durable
  • Anti slip grip
  • Easy to carry


  • Bag is of lower quality

Customer Review

  • Mr. P: “Very nice set, All you need to get started…”
  • Michael Tran: “Great starter kit, We bought this set on a whim to try pickle ball. The kit comes with everything you need to get started. Played a few times so far and everything is great.”

Personal Recommendation

If you’re seeking the best pickleball paddle for shoulder pain, I highly recommend the JoncAye Pickleball-Paddles. With their unique honeycomb polymer core, these paddles effectively reduce vibration and shock, minimizing strain on your shoulder. They are lightweight, making it easier to swing for extended periods without fatigue. Moreover,  the padded grip ensures a comfortable and non-slip hold during gameplay. With its outstanding features and quality construction, the JoncAye Pickleball-Paddles are an excellent choice for players looking to alleviate shoulder pain while enjoying the game.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best pickleball paddle for shoulder pain, it is essential to prioritize paddles that offer excellent shock absorption, comfortable grips, and lightweight design. 

Look for features like vibration dampening and ergonomic handles to minimize strain. Optimal weight distribution and a forgiving sweet spot also contribute to a pain-free playing experience. Consult a healthcare professional if needed.


What helps a sore shoulder from pickleball?

Rest, ice, and gentle stretching can relieve soreness in the shoulder from pickleball. Consult a professional if pain persists.

Why does my upper arm hurt after pickleball?

The upper arm can hurt after pickleball due to overuse or strain on the muscles and tendons. Rest and proper stretching can help alleviate the pain.

How do I choose a pickleball paddle for beginners?

When choosing a pickleball paddle for beginners, look for a paddle with a larger sweet spot, lightweight construction, and a comfortable grip.

How do you hold a pickleball paddle for backhand?

For a backhand grip in pickleball, hold the paddle with your dominant hand, placing your thumb on the back of the paddle and your fingers wrapped around the handle.

What is the proper pickleball racket grip?

The proper pickleball racket grip is to hold the paddle with a relaxed grip, placing your fingers comfortably around the handle without squeezing too tightly.

How does Federer hold his racket backhand?

Roger Federer typically holds his racket for a backhand using a one-handed backhand grip.

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